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Providing the most effective service:
Special workshop for research support staff

Outline Programme

Day 1

11:15 Collect coffee if required
11:15 Session 1
Syndicates consider participants’ draft/unsuccessful applications
Plenary feedback on strengths and advice for improvement
12:15 Session 2
Presentation by Sarah Andrew: Writing award winning grant applications
Questions and discussion
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Session 3
Presentation by John Wakeford: making applications writing styles; and what to do if you are turned down
15:00 Tea

Groups produce presentations: ‘What we need from the research support system’
Questions and discussion
16:00 Academic group depart
16:15 Session 4
Sharing agendas
16:30 Session 5
Presentation: research funding – the current context
17:15 Mid course review, proposals for issues for evening and next day

Break: walking maps available

19:00 Reception, dinner, evening session if required (e.g. discussion of diary of senior academic bidding for research funding)
Day 2 - provisional
Subject to revision in the light of mid course review

07:30- Breakfast available
09:00 Syndicates: critical review of sample of research applications
Plenary feedback on how a research support office could contribute to improving them
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Presentation by Robert Crawshaw: Bidding experience and perspective of an academic
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Syndicates: key components of an effective support system for successful bidding for research funds
14:30 Tea
15:00 Action planning: setting up the best system
15:45 Evaluation
16:00 Ends

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